Today's Top Outfits from Our Favorite Personal Style Bloggers Around the Globe

Today's Top Outfits from Our Favorite Personal Style Bloggers Around the Globe


Sweater- c/o SheInside (only $20) // Scarf- H&M (in stores) similar // Pants- similar // Shoes- leather version // Bag- c/o Dagne Dover // Earrings- c/o Kanupriya

First of all I'd like to say I deserve a pat on the back for all the color I have in this outfit although the basis of it is all black. I'm getting better, people. I'm trying. Second of all, I'd like to say this Dagne Dover bag was made for me. It's like--my entire life I've been searching for something like this and then the good karma Gods put it right in front of me. I must have done something right.

Let me give you a little background as to why I'm so thankful for this bag. If you know me at all, you know I am an unorganized mess. My closet is busting at the seams with clothes and shoes spewed everywhere. My car holds an abundance of pointless shit and my black hole of a's an embarrassment. Step 1 in the re-organization of my life--a new bag. And that's when I found Dagne Dover.

Talk about ORGANIZATION. This bag has everything and more. Like a literal pocket for everything. It has a water bottle/umbrella holder. (Am I the only one wishing I had a cup holder in my bag when going into Zara on 5th avenue and smuggling my freshly purchased large iced coffee into my very expensive purse so the security guy wouldn't make me throw it out??? Anyone? No?)

But really, if you're as unorganized as me and your purse looks like a bottomless pit resulting in you taking 15 minutes to find your keys and/or wallet and/or chapstick--consider introducing Dagne Dover to you a favor. As if the overflow of pockets and weather-proof coated canvas make isn't enough--they're also giving 10% of proceeds this season to 9 philanthropies so now your decision is made.

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